About the Doctor

Dr. Ryan

Doctor Ryan Moeskau, DC is a Bemidji native. He was born in Bemidji, graduated at BHS, got his B.S. in Biology at BSU in 2014, and went off to Lifewest Chiropractic College for his doctorate in Chiropractic. He spent most of his grad-school time specializing in the upper cervical spine realizing that the first two bones in your neck are the key to allowing your body to heal itself with its own innate intelligence.

He likes to laugh, spend time outside (When it’s warm), throw a frisbee, climb, lift weights, play video games with friends, mudding, drifting, and rolling his Jeep… Really anything to enjoy life. He always stresses not to take life too seriously. He loves art in all forms, and expresses art on his own body through tattoos and piercings. He’s proud of the fact that people are often surprised when they learn he’s a doctor but he loves talking with skeptics and “stirring the pot”. Dr. Ryan gets along with most people, especially if you’re socially awkward.

(218) 444-2851 info@uppercervicalbemidji.com

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