Patient Care

We don’t like surprises, so why have them for our clients? On your first visit you can expect to spend anywhere from 30-45 minutes on history, exam, and X-rays. Dr. Ryan requires X-rays on new clients as they tell a better story than most memories can provide. Please note, No Adjustments happen on the first visit.*

What that means

Your history is the forms and paperwork. No one likes to fill them out, but they’re necessary to rule out any contraindications to adjusting you.

The exam consists of various orthopedic tests to confirm or rule out different causes for your dysfunction. Depending on why you’re here, the exam will be completely different from person to person.

X-rays. Radiation is bad right? Our X-ray machine outputs about as much radiation as a phone call or a flight from here to L.A. Trust that Dr. Ryan will only need views of what is necessary to safely adjust you.

*Special accommodations can be made for clients traveling long distances.

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